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Chick-a-Pella is our very own. We're working on the first few episodes now, so stay tuned to see what these crazy chicks are up to.

We've got plenty of others on the horizon, but we're not beholden to our own IPs. If you've got an idea that you've been itching to put on the big screen, silver screen, or really any screen, we can bring your concept to life! Don't hesitate, we do VFX and animation for all different genres of film.

Intellectual Properties


Did we mention we’re horror fans? Whether in the world of games or film, we'll jump at the opportunity to create some creepy cinematics! Best part, we're familiar with Unreal Engine, so we can use your game build to create compelling intros. Here's one for the mobile game Sarcoph. Wear some good headphones; targeted sound really ups the "creepy" level on this clip.

Share your story in 3D animation! With our vast knowledge of film, we’ll cover everything from conceptualization to compositing. Simply put, we do CG motion picture!

Labyrinth is your one-stop-shop for digital cinema.


Our Passion.
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